Sunday, May 29, 2011

Acorn Fountain

Water flows down three gracefully crafted tiers from a cleverly rendered acorn that symbolizes the huge potential that lies within very small things. Ivory alabastrite looks just like real stone!

Pump included. Some assembly required. UL Recognized. May require additional freight charge. 23" D x 38" H.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Le Chef Cookie Jar

This chubby chef’s got something to hide. . . a whole stash of gourmet goodies! Cute-as-a-button cookie jar is the perfect storage spot for an assortment of treats.

Dolomite. Dishwasher safe. 7" x 6" x 11" high.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poem: I'm Home

How simple my life is now you are here,
How I cherish each breath,,
How I crave the light and laughter you have brought me.,
I have fallen in love without taking a step,
Fallen into the sweetest of dreams,,
How I hope no one wakes me.,
The simplest gesture wraps itself around my heart,
Where I will hold it forever.

Each time we say goodbye a part of me weeps,
Though I know it is not forever,
To my aching soul it is an eternity.,
I see my happiness shine in your eyes,
Every time you hold my hand my heart skips a beat.
How sweet life is to be yours;
How meaningless life is without you.

They know nothing of the loneliness before you,
Nothing of the empty tears I cried day after day,
How did you do it, I ask myself,
How did you banish the fear, the darkness?,
You have made me see that nothing is that bad,
That I am strong and worthy of happiness,
You have saved me from myself.

Everyday I wake up and smile to myself,
Knowing you are waiting for me,
Knowing you can't wait to see me.
How would I go on if you were not there to hold me up,
To bless me with your love and light?
How I am glad you have found me,
My life is now complete...
I am home.

By :  Kelly Youens

Jose A. Aviles

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poem: Until my last day

The sun rises above the hillcrest,
As does the joy of my heart;
Rays of warmth and love,
From her I will never depart.

Fresh dew upon the grass,
Young birds chirp in their nests;
I watch her gently sleep,
My love to her I silently profess.

I enjoy the stillness and calm,
Watching as she smiles and dreams;
She brings me to stillness and peace,
Like that of a slow flowing stream.

My heart and soul flow with love,
And I smile as I quietly reflect;
I've been handed a sweet princess,
A sweet princess to love and to protect.

A vow to myself I make,
As she quietly sleeps away;
To love and always cherish her,
Until my last breath... until my last day.

By :  Michael Brieck

Jose A. Aviles

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Poem: To the one I call my Wife

I'll give you my heart;
I'll open it up,
Will you listen to its small still voice?,
For soft and quiet my heart will speak,
To the one I'll call my wife.

Did you hear it dear? Did you listen well?,
Do you understand what it said?,
For deep is the love that it speaks to you,
Deep as the rose is red.

So, take my heart and treat it well,
And forever in this life,,
Come walk with me, your hand in mine,,
The one I'll call my wife.

By :  Melvin D. Sharrar

Jose A. Aviles

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Poem: The Reason I LOVE YOU

If I had a thousand pages,,
I could never name them all,,
The reasons that I love you,,
For the list would be too tall.

I love you for the melody,,
I hear within your voice.,
The way your blue eyes hold me,,
A captive, but by choice.

I love you for your gentle hands,,
That melt away my pain.,
I love you for your loving heart,,
That made mine beat again.

I love you for your loving smile,,
With which my old heart soars.,
These are some of the reasons,,
Every second beat is yours.

By :  Mark Liverance
Sent using AppFlute Love Poems Android App.

Jose A. Aviles

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